Going the Distance

Not surprisingly my Facebook feed is full of stories about running.  Some of them are Just Plain Stupid, some of them are Interesting,  but every once in awhile I will come across a story that will touch my heart.  Today my heart was touched by a story about a man named David Seath.

David did something extraordinary by running the London Marathon to raise money for wounded soldiers.  An member of the British Army and an Afghanistan veteran, David was pleased to meet his fundraising goal for the group Help for Heroes. As the matter of fact he doubled his goal for this worthwhile cause that  provides support to wounded and injured veterans.

David did not finish the Marathon.  He collapsed 3.2 miles from the Finish Line and  later died at the hospital.  I did not know David, nor do I have any connection with the London Marathon but tonight I felt compelled to finish that race for him.

David, I just ran 3. 2 miles on a quiet trail at dusk for you. And I made a contribution to Help for Heroes to help the veterans in your country AND a donation to Wounded Warriors Canada to help the veterans in my country.




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