April’s ( almost) Half Marathon

Remember my goal of running a HM distance every month?  Well, as it turns out it is a little tougher than I thought it would be.  It’s not the running, it is the Finding the Time to do  it.  It recently dawned on me  that I only get 8 days off work every month. I may have to rethink my idea that Long Runs need to happen on my Day Off.    Various family illnesses / injuries have made many demands on my time and I had finally decided to do my HM run on Saturday April 30.  There is nothing like a deadline to get things done, eh?  I just realized a few days ago that April 30  would not be an ideal date to do a Long run because I am doing the Shoppers Drug Mart 10k Run For Women the very next day.  It was probably do-able, but not recommended.  My only other day off this week was today, and I was committed to watching the grandson so my son could Work.

My son called at 8 am to cancel.  He was sick and unable to work so I was off the hook. My first thought was …. oh… maybe I will spend the  morning doing my Long Run.  There were only 2 things preventing me from doing it.

  1. I had run at least 5k for the last 6 days straight, including a 5k less than 12 hours ago.
  2. I wasn’t mentally prepared.
  3. it was cold.

ok. That was 3 things. None of them were good enough to convince me to stay home so  I quickly got ready and gave myself a pep talk on the way to the park.  I knew that I couldn’t give 100% without risk of injuring or fatiguing myself so I planned to do Walk / Run intervals.  I decided to Walk 1k and Run 2k. Hey.. whatever works, right?  That worked well for the first few kilometers but I kept forgetting to Walk at the right time so it actually was more like 3k / 1k intervals.

Hydration :  I only took 2 bottles of water because I didn’t expect to require more with the near freezing temperatures.   In hindsight I should have taken more.

Clothing :  If this was a typical run I would have been overdressed.  I  started to overheat a few times but by then it was time for a Walk anyway.

Tapering :  As mentioned above,  6 consecutive runs of at least 5k, totally  45k in the last 6 days.   Not recommended.

Fuel :  I have been making wise choices re. eating so my body was ready for this unexpected HM.   Breakfast was Greek yogurt and a banana.  I knew it wouldn’t be enough so I grabbed a muffin.  oh… and a bag of Skittles for energy.  It is all I had in the house. A handful at 11k and 17k did the trick.  It was an easy pace and the candy seemed to be enough

Mental :  Surprisingly I didn’t feel like quitting at any time though I was happy to see the Garmin roll over to 21k.  So happy in fact that I turned it off immediately as I walked across the parking lot to the car.

uh oh –  A Half Marathon is 21.097k.  I did not just quit with less than 100 meters to go, did I ?   Damn!  All I needed to do was to leave the Garmin on as I crossed the parking lot. Strava does not recognize that I just completed my April HM challenge but I am not doing it again.  Lesson learned.

Recovery : Epsom Salt Bath with Life of Pi.  I’d rather have a plate of Pie.

Recovery Run :  Tuesday is Group run followed by our Couch to 5k Clinic. This is another reason why I don’t do my Long Run on Tuesday.  I skipped the Group Run but managed to fake my way through the clinic’s 4th week.

I want Ice Cream.  And chocolate. And Pie.  I think I am going to get up and make some cookies.


2016-04-26 14.32.19



6 thoughts on “April’s ( almost) Half Marathon

    1. lol.. I made peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.. a favorite in this house… but forgot the oatmeal… they turned into one big cookie and I used the pizza cutter to cut into squares… delicious but not visually appealing.

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