Envy with Green

My corner of the world sees  four distinct seasons every year.  As a runner I enjoy watching one season morph into the next. Right now Winter is gone and Spring is beginning to spring.  I never noticed until recently that our typically brown Aprils are not typical in the rest of the world. Everywhere Else is Green!

I belong to a virtual Facebook running / walking community called Kx365.  Everyone is committed to walk or run 365 days a year. ( or 366 in 2016)  The focus is on becoming healthy by being active outdoors. We share anecdotes and post pictures about our outdoor adventures.  Most of the members are from England and they started posting pictures of lush green fields weeks ago while I was still slogging through snow.  It’s not fair, but they are Far Away and their climate is different so I accept that with good grace.


Last week I accidentally emailed this photo of myself to a friend in British Columbia. ( yeah, I do stupid stuff like that sometimes, my phone is Smarter than I am and often does things that I regret) In his reply he merely asked “Where’s the green?”  There was no mention of me, or how nice I looked, just a comment about the background. And that got me  thinking…. Where IS the green?

More recently some of my running friends have been taunting me by posting Runfies on Social Media. Behind their  smug sweaty smirks are green trees, green plants, green grass…..  green Everything.   Where is MY fucking Green?  It must be out there somewhere and today I set off on a 5k mission to find it.

Brown, brown, brown and brown.   The only green that I could see are evergreen trees but they are green year round so they don’t count.  But they do smell nice, and my Aussie friends are jealous that  Christmas trees  grow wild around here.




Here is a sign of Green.





OOOhhh.. I found a tiny splash of yellow with a bit of green….. against a lovely background of Brown.







Here is some green, but it’s the wrong shade of green.





In case you are thinking that I am looking for Green in all the Wrong Places I am including a couple of pictures from a couple of days ago.  Different trail, same color… 50 shades of Brown.  Lovely blue sky though.



I know the  Green is out there and I will continue my Quest to find it.  I will not rest until I do.

PS.  If any of you Fun Gals are looking for a Fungi, I can help you with that.


5 thoughts on “Envy with Green

  1. I’m waiting for green too! I’m also waiting for the leaves to grow so I don’t have to see our neighbour’s garbage spewed all over their lawn…


    1. lol.. I am waiting for the Maple tree in my back yard to grow some leaves so I don’t have to watch my neighbors’ silhouettes having sex in the shower while I at kitchen window washing dishes.
      . 😛


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