Windy Wednesday

A few days ago I asked my hubby for his opinion on the weather.  He had been out for a walk and I wanted to make an informed decision re. my Afternoon run. He told me that it was warm out but that I should go somewhere to enjoy the breeze.  Perfect!  There is a Riverfront Trail nearby and it has a lovely breeze.

2016-04-21 17.13.05The first 5k was in an easterly direction.  It WAS warm and there was a beautiful breeze gently caressing my backside and giving me a gentle push.  There were cyclists, walkers and dog owners enjoying the Spring weather.  Migratory birds were nesting and there were bits of greenery poking through the endless brown landscape.

20160421_164011.jpgThen I turned around for the return trip.  Wow.! Where did that wind come from?  I couldn’t do it so I decided to do intervals… 500 meter run / 500 meter walk.  This conserved some of my energy AND gave me the opportunity to really enjoy the scenery and my fellow pedestrians. As I stopped to admire one dog, the dog owner asked me if I really ran every day.  I was like.. huh…?  …. how could she know.?  Later I realized that I was wearing my #runeveryday shirt.

By the time I was finished I was exhausted.  When I confronted my husband about giving me a false weather report he told me that what he actually said was ” it is warm out but you should go somewhere to get out of the breeze. ”  I guess I should listen better.  Luckily I had nothing on my calendar for the rest of the afternoon so I had a two hour nap to recover from that windy run.

Happy Trails Everyone!


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