First you have Kids, then you have Parents

First of all I want to say that I know that I am very fortunate that both of my parents are still alive and are in relatively good health. Until recently they have been very independent and have been capable of performing all of their daily tasks.  They are very involved within their community and are more likely to offer an helping hand than to require a helping hand.

About a month ago Mother got sick and was misdiagnosed with a double ear infection.  Several days later she was still sick and  was correctly diagnosed with a virus in her ear but the damage was already done.  She currently has complete hearing loss in one ear and partial hearing loss in the other.   The vertigo has subsided but she is very tired and lacks her usual energy. After 60 years of doing everything for Father she finally realized that she had to verbally instruct  him how to do basic household tasks.  And he has been a quick learner.  Two weeks ago he didn’t even know where the can opener was kept, now he doing laundry and preparing simple meals. He even knows how to load the dishwasher, and I can’t even do that properly! ( by that, I mean to my mother’s standards)

My siblings and I have been helping them whenever they require help but slowly they have been regaining their independence and we ( the siblings) have gradually been returning to our normal lives.  My running program for the past couple of weeks has been hit and miss…. still running every day to maintain my streak… but I have not had a Long Run in a Long Time.   Today that was going to change.  My afternoon agenda was completely blank and I planned to spend a few hours running.

As I was leaving work at 2 o’clock I got a phone call from my sister.  Father had a freak accident with a drill ( why is an 83 year old man drilling something??) and thought he broke his wrist.  Mother can’t drive ( vertigo and hearing loss) so Sister dropped them off at the hospital.  SHE DROPPED THEM OFF AT THE HOSPITAL!   She left my sick mother and injured father at the hospital and went home to wait for them to call when they needed  a drive home.  SHE LEFT THEM AT THE HOSPITAL!  As I drove to the hospital to be with them I knew that my Long Run was not going to happen today. And I was totally okay with that.  I can run anytime.  Lol..well.. not anytime.. but at least sometime. For now I am honored to be able to help my parents.  They have given so much to me and rarely accept anything in return.

The wrist turned out to be sprained. I won’t say that is was “only” a sprain because it is as painful as a fracture.  Besides, as a runner, the word “only” is not in my vocabulary.  I do not ‘only’ run a 5k, or ‘only” run an 8:00 minute / km pace. But I digress…

The ‘rents live about 40km from here, so it took a good chunk of my time to return them to their home when they were finished at the hospital. I am not complaining.. It makes me happy to do something for them.  Besides, my mother paid me for my time by giving me a bottle of strawberry  jam that she made this morning.  That is a sweet deal!

And I enjoyed a little bit of Trail Therapy later by doing a beautiful sunset run down by the river later. Life is Good.






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