An Inadvertant Time Change

Lorneville Loop 13k, preRace


The alarm sounded at 6:20.  I mentally groaned ( or maybe I groaned out loud) as I rolled over and turned it off.  In exactly one hour I would be meeting a running buddy to travel the 90 minute commute to run the Lorneville Loop. Usually I am excited for a race and wake before the alarm but today I just wanted to sleep.  So I did.

At 6:54 my husband nudged me and told me to get up. What??  I did a quick mental calculation and realized that I had 15 minutes before I had to leave if I was going to make it on time.  This was not really a big problem as I got everything ready last night. Besides, I am low maintenance and am capable of pulling myself together quickly.  My biggest regret was that I might not have time for a quality pre-race poop.

Pulling my pants on with one hand and dropping bread in the toaster with the other, I glanced at the clock on the stove.  5:59. Huh?  I checked my phone…. 6:00.  What is going on? The television confirmed that I was indeed in some sort of time warp.

I remember fumbling with the alarm clock last night in the dark to change the time of the alarm. Apparently I also changed the time too.   No wonder it is so dark this morning.  No wonder I didn’t bounce excitedly out of bed at the appointed time.  My subconscious mind was prepared to begin the day at 6:20, not 5:20.

So… I enjoyed my pre-race fuel at a leisurely pace.  Two slices of whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter. ( I usually eat whole grain but hubby bought whole wheat.  How can you confuse whole grain with whole wheat….?  )  For dessert I had Liberte Caramel and Banana Greek yogurt.  It is like eating pie. Sort of.

Now I am up and dressed and fueled and blogged… and I still have 20 minutes until I have to leave.   I think I am going to go Poop.

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