These Rocks totally Rock!

***Caution: Time and Tides wait for no man. If you ever visit the Hopewell Rocks during the Off Season, please be aware of the Tide Schedules.. ***

One of my favorite races to date is the Hopewell Cape 8k multi terrain run.  Maybe it is because I grew up near Hopewell Cape and it was like going Home. Maybe it is because it was the first race I ran with my sister. ( Actually it was her very first race ever and it was so cool to share that experience with her.  ) Maybe it is because  the course is very interesting, covering sandy beach, mucky beach, seaweed  ( ok, we avoided that!) tarmac, grass, dirt trail…and stairs!  Maybe it is because it is just cool to run on the ocean floor. Or maybe it is because the Fundy Coastline  is one of my favorite places to visit.

rroclsWhile visiting my parents today I decided to check out the Rocks.  It is off season but the beach is  still accessible. I didn’t have my running clothes with me but had an old pair of running shoes in the car, so decided to go for a little run on the beach. Normally I would have gone down the trail to Demoiselle Beach but it was approaching dusk and I was too chicken to go down that dark wooded trail.  So I parked at the lower parking lot ( road needs work! ) so I could go down the stairs to the beach there.




Stairs have been removed and new ones are under construction.  I briefly considered going down these stairs, but concluded that it would not be a good idea.  As the matter of fact I can think of a lot of reasons why it would not be a good idea. These stairs were properly roped off with adequate signage but if I really wanted to get on them.. I could have.  but thankfully I really didn’t want to.





Besides, it wouldn’t be a problem as there is another set of stairs nearby.  Uh oh… I see a problem.  ….

Apparently these stairs are removed in the Off Season to prevent damage to them.

Actually it wasn’t so bad. I simply ignored the stairs and climbed down over the few boulders that were lining the beach.


phanIt was cool to check out how the tidal waters have changed the landscape since the last time I was here. A few Rocks have crumbled, most notably the famous Elephant Rock,  and a few looked perilously close to tumbling. ( no worries.. I stayed far away from those) That is the beauty of this place…it is ever changing, ever evolving with the relentless power of the Tides.




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