Just Give Me One Damned Good Reason

Here is the background info for this little story.  My mother is a few months away from becoming an octogenarian and until recently has been blessed with good health.  She has had a minor cold for a week or so, and it got worse.  She was diagnosed with double ear infection and given some meds to make it go away.  It didn’t go away.  She has (temporary) hearing loss in one ear and was so dizzy and weak this morning that my father called an ambulance.  At the hospital she was diagnosed with Vertigo, Sinus Infection and fluid in the ear canal.  No wonder she was sick!  Long story short.. after several hours at the hospital she was sent home.

Earlier this evening I went for my daily run.  I really didn’t want to but knew that I had to if I didn’t want my Run Streak to end at Day 491. Besides, I was looking forward to leaving some of today’s stress out there on the road.  So… I laced up the shoes, strapped on the Garmin and away I went with no destination  in mind.

Sometimes when I run I talk to myself.  Tonight was no exception.  I was undecided on the distance.  I knew it would be relatively short and considered doing the minimum 2k. Then I mentally chided myself and told myself that anything less than 4k would be unacceptable without a Damned Good Reason.

About 10 minutes into my run my cell phone rang and I got my Damned Good Reason.  When my mother left the hospital, she accidentally left her medications there.  Everyone thought the nurse put them in her bag.  But she didn’t.  Bottom line was Mom was 50k from the hospital and didn’t have her Meds.  I live closest to the hospital so I was elected to pick them up and deliver them to her. I immediately changed direction and ran home.  Final distance was 2.5k.  I am okay with that.


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