Life and Death of a Snowman

11034103_877220632321737_5099726789986397184_nHas anyone else noticed that the snowman population is on the decline? Last winter they were everywhere, in all shapes and sizes.  There were snowmen and snow women, snow babies, snow children, snow families.. even snow dogs and snow cats. They were in front yards, back yards, parking lots, parks and schools.   This picture is from March 2015, a snowman that my nephew created. To keep this in perspective, my nephew is 6 feet tall. I have not seen a snowman like that this year!

This winter there were a few snowmen in January, tall round ones, short dumpy  ones and a few lopsided ones but since mid-February they have been conspicuously absent from our landscape.  Where are they?



A couple of weeks ago  I was delighted to make the acquaintance of this snowman while out for an evening run.  Actually I think it is a snow woman because she has snow boobs under the sweater.  Or a snowman with moobs?

Coincidentally the appearance of the snow woman occurred the day after a Spring Snow Storm.   Could these events be related?

Anyway, I bonded with the snow woman and vowed to keep in touch.  Her residence is only a few streets from my house and I have altered my running route to allow frequent visitation.


2016-03-25 19.28.20I first met Wilma ( that is her name) on March 22. When I visited her a couple of days later, her sweater was missing and I realized that she is a he.  Or a very flat-chested she!  So I renamed her Willie.  ( last name Melt) He has been working out and has great pecs. Good job, Willie Melt!

Riddle me this.. how do you take a sweater off a snowman?  And how do you put a sweater on a snowman in the first place? It would be harder than trying to dress a toddler with uncooperative limbs.  I guess it is one of life’s mysteries…


Freezing precipitation on March 25 made me fear for Willies’ life.  I was relieved to find him still intact, though severely depressed.

He had lost a lot of weight too.




Poor Willie! By the end of March he was looking very svelte from the neck down. But sometime within the last couple of days he had been the victim of senseless violence.  Some blame Mother Nature, others say it is rowdy teenagers who had maliciously attacked this defenseless snowman. I had the sinking feeling that Willie would not be around much longer.





R.I.P.   Willie Melt

March 21-April 2 2016



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