Solo Group Run ( My March HM)

One of my goals for 2016 is to run a Half Marathon distance once a month. It sounds easy, but the logistics can be challenging. Like most people, there are a lot of demands on my time.  In addition to my 40 hour work, I often watch one or both grandchildren on my days off.

My running group hosts a long run on Sunday morning but I work most Sundays so I usually do my long runs by myself.. whenever I can fit them in.  With less than a week left in March I was starting to worry about when and how I would get my 21k Run done.  Today is Easter and I have the day off work so I decided to join the group for their LSD.  There are various distances and paces but it looked like some people were running 12k so I decided to run from my house to the start point and back for some extra mileage.  (It is about 2k from my house but I took a detour to make 7k)

20160327_085425.jpgThe trees twinkled  as the sun shone through their coats of ice.  It was spectacular!  .. like diamonds sparkling!  Ice fell and shattered from the trees, eventually changing to a steady drip as the temperature rose. It was a lovely day for a run.


My running partners this morning were Amanda and Heather, both graduates of our recent C25K clinic.  I knew they were running a (relatively) short distance, but their 5k pace is similar to my HM pace so I fell in step with 20160327_094145them. Some Bunny had hidden Easter treats in baskets along our route and we were lucky enough to find one.  After their run ended we parted ways. By this time we had lost sight of the other runners so I was on my own to run my remaining 9k. No big deal.. I run solo most of the time.  Quite by coincidence I met some of my fellow runners at an intersection about 20 minutes later.  I joined them for 5k or so before breaking away to run the remaining  distance to my house.

Fuel for this run was Cadbury mini eggs (found along the route) and gumdrops.  In my opinion, gumdrops work better than gels.  Gels upset my tummy. Gumdrops are yummy and my tummy tolerates them well.  Fueled at 10k , 15k and 20k and enjoyed a little boost every time.

Pre-run Prep –  This was a big fail.  I have been eating crap all weekend and in hindsight I am lucky this run went as well as it did.  Breakfast was whole grain toast with fried egg.

Tapering-  Ok.. I didn’t officially Taper because I am not officially training for this distance, but my last long run was 15k over two weeks ago.  Since then I have done a few 7k’s and a lot of 5k’s.  Freezing rain this week has forced me to keep my runs short and slow.

Post run Stretches – done!  I am finally catching on that stretching is necessary after every long run.  Legs are slightly sore this evening but not too bad.

Post run Fuel – duh! It’s Easter.  I enjoyed Easter Dinner at my parent’s house and consumed about a gazillion calories.

Hydration-  This needs work.

Recovery – Legs slightly sore the next day but still managed the stairs without much discomfort.  One mile on elliptical and 2 miles outdoor running worked out any kinks.

Run Review –  I am surprised that this run was as effortless  as it was. I wasn’t following a training program.. just running various distance and pace. This wasn’t a fast run, but it wasn’t slow either, just comfortable. I like solo runs but I like group runs too and this was a perfect combination of both.




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