I’m an Idiot.. and Proud of It.

When I first started running it was a solo venture.  I always ran alone because.. well, just because .  I didn’t know any other runners nor was I aware of any local running groups.   Besides, for me Running was a private thing, something that I enjoyed doing by myself. Truth be told I was also a bit self conscious about it, and worried that people would judge me.  Lol, I have come a long way, baby!

11207310_10152747114992461_6627986077680832132_nAfter I had been running off and on for about 6 or 8 months I noticed a hand written sign on a pole near the Riverfront Trail.   It was a sign inviting people to run with a group called the Riverview Running Idiots and provided information about a Facebook page.  I was intrigued and went home and checked it out.  The following Tuesday I met the group at the Gazebo and ran the 7k Loop with them.  I was overwhelmed and intimidated at first because everyone was so fit and pretty and Fast!  But they were all very welcoming and I kept going back.  It is a great group, built on a solid foundation of hijinks, inappropriateness, shenanigans, tomfoolery, beer, and wine. In other words, the perfect group for me. ( except for the beer and wine… I don’t drink beer and rarely drink wine, but I like to hang out with people who drink. )

Noah Webster describes an Idiot as a ” stupid or unintelligent person.”  Sorry, Mr. Webster, you got that wrong!  I run with Idiots so I know that an Idiot is actually a  “fun- loving person who likes to do silly and absurd things, with the ability to laugh at themselves when things go horribly wrong. ”   An Idiot can also be described as ” a person who is unafraid to let their Inner Child out to play.”

This group has enriched my life is so many ways. They have been a source of friendship and I have really connected with a few of the runners. Not only 12118963_10156122765600433_6571733050530015486_ndo we run together, we provide support and encouragement to each other.  I rarely come home from a run without learning something about something…   a stretching technique,  a new recipe, a movie/restaurant/book recommendation, the best place to buy fresh produce, etc.  It has been great to get to know these guys and gals while conversing on the trail. I even found an amazing Hairdresser !

11813333_10152989205871024_4935073738052223691_nAs a group we do more than Run.  We support JDRF ( Junior Diabetes Research Foundation) and do several fundraisers through the year to raise money for this cause.  Usually they are silly events..like a Scavenger Hunt, a Chicken Run, Tom Collins Hung Run.. but the fund raising is serious.   We are actively involved in the local JDRF Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes event.  Blue Cross generously matches our fundraising efforts for this event.

10556477_10153256388915913_6766351281084572574_nThe group also hosts Couch to 5k Clinics twice a year.  I am truly humbled to be involved with the clinics.  When I see the new runners on the first night I am reminded of when I was at that stage… only a couple of years ago..and I am amazed at how far I have come.  What a pleasure to motivate and encourage these fresh new runners. Their enthusiasm is contagious and often gives  me a much-needed mental boost.

When I tell my family or friends that I run with a group called the Riverview Running Idiots they snicker or chuckle and tell me they are not surprised as they have suspected all along that I am an Idiot.  I just smile and say Thank You! It is indeed an honor to be an Idiot.  Hmmm.. I wonder if we should have our own Idiot Pride Day?


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