Adult Games ( grown ups like to have fun too)

My daughter likes to color.  She has an eye for color and is really good at coloring inside the lines.  Did I mention that she is 25 years old?

adultvolotI simply can’t believe how many adults buy Adult Coloring Books and pencils and markers, etc.  There is at least one Facebook page dedicated to Adult Coloring.  (One of my friends added me to the group and I have not removed myself yet.)  People post their completed pictures and other people comment on the shading, color choices, etc. There are discussions re. the merits of using pencils or markers or both.  And people even post pictures of their newly purchased coloring books, markers and pencils.  I tell you.. this Adult Coloring thing is Huge!   The person who developed this concept is a Genius!

I wonder what other children’s activities can be developed and promoted to appeal to an Adult Audience

Ping Pong .. oh wait .. that has already been done. They call it Beer Pong.

Running…  oh,, that has been done too.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey ~ Pin the Junk on the Hunk?

Hide and Go Seek ~ Many of my coworkers are adept at Hiding when there is work to be done.

Connect the Dots.~  Connect the Thoughts…oh,, this idea has Merit.  If anyone wants to develop this idea and pitch it to Alzheimer’s caregivers I am sure we can work out a fair deal to share the royalties.

Marbles ~  I don’t know if this would be a good idea as most of us have already lost all of ours.

Pick Up Sticks ~  This probably won’t catch on.. picking up anything is too closely related to housework.

Truth or Dare ~  oh.. but there are some truths that I would never dare tell.

Red Rover ~ Oh.. this would be just asking for broken wrists and other body parts.  A big Nay to this idea.

Easter Egg Hunt ~  Jello Shot Hunt.  Hide ’em, find ’em , drink ’em

Musical Chairs ~ Put a shot on each chair.  Grab it and drink it before sitting on chair. OMG.. I just realized that every child’s game can be adapted to be an adult’s game just by adding shots!

Twister ~  I played a nude version of Twister once. Well, actually it was Strip Twister, but you can guess how it ended.

Right now it is time for me to play House, which is not as much fun as I thought it would be.





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