Bad Words

My 8 year old grandson stunned me last week when he told he that he was not allowed to say the “C” word.  What..?  How does he even know there is a “C” word? He is 8 years old! As our conversation unfolded it became clear that the word that he was referring to was “Crap.”   He is not allowed to say CRAP.  That is not the word that I was thinking of. ! He also confided that he is  also not allowed to say Butthole. Kids do sat the darnedest things.

As it happens I ate a lot of that ‘C” word yesterday and today I feel like that aforementioned “C” word. So then I started thinking about some other words that Runners should ban  from their vocabulary. Here are a few and I am sure that you can think of others.

The “S” word.  ~ Slow. There is really nothing wrong with this word, unless using it to compare yourself to other runners.   Some runners put themselves down because they are the “S” word.

The “I” word.  ~ Ice.  I don’t like it.  The “I” Word is especially dangerous when covered by snow.

The “F” word. ~ Fall.  I had an “F’ word last week when I slipped on the “I’ word. Though not seriously injured my arm is still bruised and tender six days after the fact. Be careful, peeps!

The “W” word. ~ Windchill… Brrrrrr.  I don’t like running when there is a significant “W” word.

The “H” word. ~ Humidity .  Conversely I don’t like the “H” word any better than I like the “W” word.  Some days I am hard to please.

The “M” word. ~ Morning.  This is especially prohibited when preceded by the word Early” I prefer sunsets to sunrises. In my opinion, M#$%@&g  People are Freaks of Nature.

The “D” word. ~ Dehydration.  If you have ever suffered from the “D” word then you know that it does weird things to you.

The “A” word. ~ Autosave. It’s bad enough when Garmin is not ready when you are.. but when Garmin does the ” A” word while you are paused at a traffic light… it is just wrong…!

DNF ~Did Not Finish.  Some people would consider this a Bad Word.  I have never been awarded a DNF  but I think that if the choices were DNF or Death /Serious Injury then the DNF might not be so bad.

I am sure that I will think of other Bad Words to add to this list, but that is all that I can come up with for now.  Happy Trails, everyone.!



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