5k Scavenger Hunt

My running group held it’s first Annual Scavenger Hunt earlier today. It was touted as the opportunity to do Weird Things with Strange People.  Ooooh.. sign me up!

We were allowed to choose our own teams of 2 or 3 people and were instructed to show up at Five Bridges Restaurant at noon. Oh.. and at least one person on the team needed a cell phone.. Duh! who doesn’t carry a cell phone nowadays. When we arrived we were given a piece of paper with Clues on it and away we went.

  1.  A picture of a house number with a 1 and a 3 in the address
  2. The price of a KitKat bar
  3. The price of 2l of Skim Milk
  4. Collect a sucker from Linda at the Homestead Restaurant
  5. A picture with a bearded guy
  6. Picture of a dog, and dog’s name
  7.  A picture with Nellie
  8. Collect a rock from underneath the Tank
  9. What is the plant beside Nellie?
  10. A picture from the top of the Humpy Bridge
  11. What is the date on the Globe and Mail beside Nellie at the Library?
  12. A picture of the road sign Devere.

The clues looked easy enough.   Whoa…..! Who the hell is Nellie? and what is a Humpy Bridge?

The first few were easy.



House with number 1 and 3 in the address.  These are my team mates Michelle and Marilyn.  ( Marilyn is also my sister, but for the purpose of this event we were teammates.)




The next two clues were easy too.. The price of a KitKat bar and a jug of milk..we simply stopped at a convenience store to get those.  Homestead Restaurant was the next stop where we got a sucker from Linda. While we were at the restaurant we grabbed a bearded guy for a Selfie.  He was a good sport and seemed to enjoy the attention.


20160319_121810The dog picture didn’t prove to be too hard either.  We asked Shamus’ owners if we could take a picture and they obliged.  Shamus wasn’t quite so cooperative.




By now we figured out that Nellie was at the Library off we went to find her.  Besides, the Tank is next to the Library so we had to go there anyway.



20160319_122638We barged into the library and asked the Librarian where Nellie was.  Lol.. we were met with a blank look.   We saw another team in the lobby snapping pictures and correctly surmised that this was Nellie. Horrible picture of us, but Nellie seems to be amused.

The plant beside Nellie is an African Violet and the date on the Newspaper was July 17, 1953.  Perfect.. two more items collected. … three more to go.

20160319_123047The tank was beside the Library so we snagged a couple of it pebbles from under it.   We were puzzled by the Humpy Bridge but guessed correctly that it might refer to the Pedway that crossed Findley Blvd.



With only one item remaining we headed back to the Restaurant.  We knew we would be passing Devere Street on our way so it would be simple to snap a pic of the sign post on the way by.

This was all for fun ( and charity.)  I think our team came in second but there are no official results so I don’t know for sure.  Afterwards we enjoyed a nice meal at Five Bridges Restaurant. Good food, good company.


Sometimes Runners do wonderful things not just for their health and happiness, but also for charity. Today’s  fun event raised $342 for  JDRF/Hanky Pancreas.  Everyone wins. !

One lady commented that it was nice to have fun like a kid again.  That sums it up perfectly.  Sometimes we are so busy ” adulting” that we forget to have fun. We really need to do stuff like this more often.



And Nellie?  Well.. she certainly had a good day but she needs to learn how to smile more.



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