Winter Wipe-Out

Centennial Park is one of my favorite places to run.  All right.. I have several Favorites, but Centennial Park is definitely in the Top Five.  Trails are accessible year round, though trail choices are limited in winter time for obvious reasons.  There are some fabulous cross country ski trails that are perfect for three-season running but they are off limits in the winter.  The maintenance crews do a fantastic job of keeping them groomed for skiers.  20160312_164445Sadly this winter has been a horrible winter for outdoor sports and the ski trails have not been used for weeks.  On Saturday  I decided to check them out.  They were covered with fresh snow and I knew there was some old snow/ice underneath but it seemed pretty stable.  There was evidence of lots of pedestrian traffic, and tracks from the maintenance vehicles.  The snow was “Grippy” and it was a pleasure to enjoy a winter run through the forest.

20160312_162459I should mention that most of my recent runs have been with a Purpose… Speed training, circuits, hills, intervals, ect but my run on this day  was just for pleasure.  And it was a pleasure.  The air was crisp, the trees provided shelter from the wind, birds were singing… it was Magic! Being surrounded my nature is so peaceful .



20160312_163906.jpgI had originally planned to run on the cleared trails and was wearing footwear designed for bare ground.  Usually when I run on snow I wear spikes. But I could’t resist the lure of that trail.  I have ran on snow before without spikes and felt confident that  I could do it again safely. Boom! At the 3.75k mark I slipped on ice and fell down. Hard.  Luckily I landed on the fat part of my ass.  I got up, dusted the snow off and walked carefully for a few minutes.  Everything seemed fine and the trail seemed safe so I decided to get right back on the horse that threw me.  Boom!  The damned horse threw me again.  That’s right… I fell TWICE.  I might be an Idiot, but I am not Stupid, so I said F#@k that and walked back to the car.

Here is a picture of my Ass Print in the snow.







Here is my view from the ground.











I was already on the ground so decided to make a Snow Angel while I was down there.





Moral of the story.. Snow covered ice is not a good surface for running. Luckily I was  not injured seriously.  My gluteus Maximus is slightly sore but I expect to fully recover within a few days.







Hey.. my face is up here.!  That is my forearm that you are looking at!  My buttocks are not bruised at all.  Of course I don’t know that for sure as I can’t see that part of my body.

I just noticed that my arms look like drumsticks.  Mmmm. I suddenly have a craving for fried chicken.




The next day I did a gentle run around the neighborhood just to make sure all the body parts were still working.  Everything moves okay but glutes are a bit tender so I will take it easy for a day or two.



Run safely, Peeps!




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