Birthday Run with my Sister

Riddle me this.  My sister Marilyn is the same age as me but we are not twins.  Here is  a hint. We were born 353 days apart.

Today is Marilyn’s birthday.  When I sent her a birthday greeting via Facebook I jokingly suggested that we run 5.3k today to celebrate the fact that for the next week and a half we will be the same age.  Again.  To my surprise she ( reluctantly) agreed to meet me for a run this evening.

11295665_10204560983450815_7115179324936994813_nWe have been sisters for 53 years but have been running together for less than a year. We grew up within spitting distance of the Hopewell Cape Rocks and she was inspired to begin running so she could participate in the inaugural Hopewell Rocks 8k in May 2015.  We ran that race together and it was very special to share the experience with her.  We loved every minute of it, scampering over the seaweed and the mud, pausing for selfies with the event marshals and mostly just laughing and giggling like children.

selfie.pngThat race proved to be very lucrative for me as I entered one of my selfies in a local radio contest and won a $500. gift card for Kent Building Supplies.  Sweet! But I digress….


Since then we have ran a few races together.  She likes short fast distance (ie. 5k) and I prefer long endurance races  ( Half Marathon) but we get together occasionally to do the same event. We have run across the PEI Confederation Bridge for the Terry Fox Run, Legs for Literacy and the Santa Shuffle.  We have a few races planned for this year too. (My 5k PB is still 15 seconds faster than hers, but she is getting faster so I need to really work on my Speed. )


We both have busy schedules but we get together once in awhile just to run together and catch up on things.  At Christmas time we ran at the Hopewell Rocks before Dinner.  Everyone else was preparing the meal and we went running.  We paid for that by being held responsible for washing the dishes afterwards. With over 40 people in attendance, dishes is a Big Deal.  But it was worth it.

20160306_183712And tonight we ran 5.3k at Centennial Park to celebrate her Birthday.  She initially said she was too busy.  Then she said she was too tired.  Then she said that she just ate.   But I badgered her and she finally agreed to meet me at 6:30.   What a perfect evening, frosty but clear. One nice thing about running with your sister is that you don’t need to control your flatulence.  Jet propelled and giggling, we enjoyed a magical run as Dusk turned to Dark.  What a great way to burn off Birthday Calories. And she promised to return the favor in 12 days.



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