Streaking in the Rain. ( Runstreak Day #459)

Poor poor pitiful me. I have a cold.  Not a Man Cold, just a teeny tiny case of the sniffles with a bit of a cough.  If you ask my husband, he would tell you that I caught this cold by running outdoors wearing shorts one day, and then running with a toque and layers the next day. .. and then back to shorts a couple of days later. If you were to ask ME, I would tell you that I caught this cold from my daughter.  She was very sick with a bad cold last week and she napped on MY couch with MY Pilla and MY Blankie.   I am not a doctor but I suspect that I would be more likely to catch a cold from a germ infested Blankie than from being outdoors dressed appropriately for the weather.

Anyway, it is not a bad cold… not as bad as my daughter’s cold.  I am not spewing phlegm all over the Blankie or dripping snot on my Pilla.  It’s just a slight cough with some minor sinus congestion.   My protective hubby is very supportive of my Running Addiction, but he was worried about  my health when I suggested that I was going to run on this wet and windy evening.  I mean, it is really windy and really wet.  And dark.  Did I mention that I have a cold?

so.. there was only one thing to do… I snuck out of the house and ran 2k when he went to the store. I normally don’t support sneaking around and /or keeping secrets within a marriage but sometimes … well sometimes…you just have to.

It was pissing rain, the wind was howling all around me  and it was too dark to see the puddles.  And it was very energizing being surrounded by such furious weather.  Right now I am relaxing with a cup of well-earned peppermint tea and thinking of confessing my transgression to Hubby.  It is sometime easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

( fingers crossed that my cold does not get worse, or I am in Big Trouble. )


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