One Helluva Hill

There is this one hill that I have run up a gazillion times on my way home from work.  The total distance from work to home is 2.4 km and I run this route at least twice a week as part of my Run Streak Strategy.  It is a nice manageable distance but it is all Uphill, with a Killer Hill making up the first 500 meters.  Running on tired legs is bad enough, but starting on a steep hill can be really tough.  Factor in today’s wind and cold temperatures and it was one hellish run.

Today when I was huffing and puffing and dragging my weary ass up the Killer Hill I started thinking about how Hill sounds like Hell and then realized that the two words can be interchangeable.  Here are a few Daffy-nitions that I came up with.. with apologies to Noah Webster. RIP

What the hill? – Phrase expressing shock and disbelief at the steep slope you are approaching. Repeat this phrase several times until you reach the summit.

Hell Top – the Summit.

Hell side. – the side of a elevated geological formation.Running up said formation can feel like you are in Purgatory.

How the Hill? – Strategy for running up the incline without fatigue

Hell’s Repeats –  Running repeatedly up and down a steep incline until you drop from fatigue

Hill Fire – That feeling in your Quads when you are pushing hard to reach the top.

Hill, no! – I just don’t want to.  I mean, I .Really.Don’t. Want .To.

Hill, yeah! – Yay, me! I just made it to the top. And I am still upright. And smiling!

Going to Hill in a Hand Basket.-This sounds fun, especially if the basket has wheels. Wheeeee!

Over the Hell – When you are too old to run up an incline without wheezing and /or gasping for air.

Thar’s Gold in them thar’ Hells. –  A nice shiny PB will be yours if you regularly have the inclination to run up inclinations.

That’s all , folks.  Hope you enjoy my quirky musings. Now get the Hill out of here!


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