Cool Runnings ( February in Review)

runhome sowFebruary has been moody….   from sunny and warm to windy and cold and everywhere in between.  Precipitation was mostly of the freezing variety… ice pellets, freezing rain, etc, although we also had a few days of heavy rain.   I sprinted on snow, slogged through slush,  inched  over ice, marched through mud, paced through puddles, and bounded over bare pavement.  It was never boring.  12705434_564768533698456_6024598867528439874_n




Slipping and sliding should be considered  a type of cross training, right?  It definitely uses different muscles than bare ground running.






What a nice treat to run the Riverfront Trail in the middle of winter. Completely bare!        ( the trail, I mean.. not us! )







Can you believe that we went from -37c with windchill to +11c in 24 hours? 12644745_564768523698457_7271337518134531559_n12716140_568985279943448_6177444711784902855_o


hypoFebruary is Heart Month and it has warmed my heart to share some special running moments with friends.  Training for and running the Hypothermic Half Marathon with a friend was truly special.  What a feeling of accomplishment to cross that Finish Line. Can’t wait to do that again next year, especially the All You Can Eat Bacon at the After Race Brunch. ( My apologies to Pigs everywhere. )






Currently helping another running buddy prepare for her first Half Marathon in Fredericton in May. She is nervous and excited and a little nauseous.  It is always a fun experience running with her.  Life is all about finding someone who is your kind of crazy. There is never a dull moment with this girl by my side.






Shout out to my fellow Riverview Running Idiots for keeping me motivated. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.




Thanks to the extra day this year I easily logged 100 miles which is pretty sweet! And I have been running at least one mile a day for 457 days. And I set a new PB for fastest km.(5:28) and fastest mile ( 9:05) Yay, me!





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