100 Miles a Month

Once upon a time I could not run.  Then I learned to run but I could not run far.  In July 2014 a  coworker challenged me to run 100 Miles that month.  Holy frig.. that is a lot of miles.  I tried, I really, really tried but I just couldn’t do it. I think I managed something like 80 miles and it was really hard to admit defeat but I was determined that I would log a 100 mile month … sometime.  There was no definite goal … just sometime in the future.

My Sometime happened  a few months later when I ran 100 miles in November.  What a rush!  What an accomplishment. It felt so good that I did it again in December. And January.  In February and March it just didn’t happen but we were up to our eyeballs in snow and some would argue that I didn’t try hard enough. 😛

Since last April I have logged over 100 miles every month. Hard is the new Easy.  #selfhighfive #gettingbettereveryday


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