From Magic to Mundane with One Simple Text

Last night’s run was Magic.  There were so many reasons why it shouldn’t have been, but it was.  I had just returned home from the gym after a hardcore Legs workout so I expected to be dragging my ass around the block.  It was pissing rain and foggy  and my mood should have matched the weather.  I had a brutally hard day at work, mentally and physically so I wasn’t expecting this run to be anything special.  My only goal was to survive a cold wet run to complete my 453rd day of Streaking.

Because of the reduced visibility I was not comfortable sharing the road with cars so I drove to a nearby grocery store. Beside the parking lot is a nice paved trail that runs parallel to a busy boulevard.   The rain was falling steadily but I didn’t notice it once I started running. My feet flew over and around puddles. It was oddly exhilarating so  I decided to do 5k.  It was one of those days when you just want to run forever and leave all your cares behind.

Screenshot_2016-02-26-18-19-34Just past 2k  I saw some deer beside the trail and tried to snap a picture.  No easy feat with the wet touch screen.  Just then my phone vibrated.  It  is rare that I get a text message or phone call when I am running. Or ever.   It was from my grown daughter. She was working at a job site about 90 minutes away and had left her jacket at the job site with her car key in the pocket. She was returning to the home office in the company car with a couple of guys and knew that she would not be able to get into her car. My run slowed to a walk as I texted back to her. Hey.. I can barely walk and text let alone RUN and text.  So there I was in the pouring rain taking pictures and texting and trying not to fall over my feet.




I thought I could deliver her spare set to her, but guess where they were?


Screenshot_2016-02-26-18-21-36By the time we had finished texting my Running Mojo  had gone down the drain.  I suddenly found myself wet and cold AND 2 kilometers from my car.  So I turned around and began the wearisome task of running back to my starting point.

I had a feeling that I would be called upon later to rescue the daughter .  I knew that her best option would be for me to pick her up but I also knew that she would have to figure that out for herself.  After all,  I could drive her to work in the morning and she would be able to retrieve her keys from the job site.


Sure enough.. as soon as I got home and peeled off my wet clothes I got another text.  She had decided not to spend $75.oo for Lock Out Service but opted to leave her car there overnight. My hubby drove her to work this morning, she got her key and drove her car home this evening.  I love Happy Endings.


derr.jpgI am kinda miffed that the deer wandered into the woods while I was texting and I couldn’t get a clear shot. And kinda miffed that my magical run was cut short. But there will be other runs on other days.  The deer will be there again and will be pose for a clearer picture.  That is the beauty of running. There’s always Next Time……



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