I Swear

Warning: this blog post contains offensive language. Not suitable  for readers under the age of 18.

First of all, I am a nice girl and I don’t swear.  Much.  Well, ok, maybe sometimes.  Okay, truth be told I do say bad words occasionally but never Bad Swear Words. And only when provoked,  dammit!

Now that I have made that clear you will probably be surprised at some of the thoughts that go through my head while I am running.  Usually the thoughts stay inside my head, but sometimes they slip out and become vocal.  Here is a little sampling :

  • Fucking Garmin
  • Where’s the fucking signal?  Fucking Garmin
  • Fuck! It’s cold / hot / slippery / humid, etc
  • Fucking rain!
  • My feet fucking hurt!
  • Get the fuck away from me, you fucking dog!
  • What?  …… I only ran 2k so far… are you fucking serious?? Fucking Garmin!
  • I don’t want to fucking do this anymore
  • Just run to the next light post .  Just run to the Next. Fucking. Light Post.  And then you can take a break.
  • So much fucking traffic!
  • Fucking bicyclist!
  • Another Fucking Hill!??  Are you fucking serious?
  • I can’t take another fucking step
  • One more fucking loop around this fucking lake. You can do this.  Just one.more.fucking.loop!
  • Fuckety Fuck Fuck!

You get the idea.  If anyone was privy to these thoughts in my head, they would probably think that I hate running.   And they would be wrong.   I love running and that is why I am surprised at the profanity that accompanies me on some of my runs.  Where does it come from?  Who knows? Maybe I am just carrying extra baggage from home or work and I can safely release those frustrations along the trail. Maybe I have a duel personality disorder and one of us is a fucking bitch. Whatever the reason, the bad words usually disappear by the 2nd or 3rd kilometer and I finish the run with a smile. (Usually)


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