Our crazy weather, from Frosty to Fine in 24 hours.

Yesterday was the coldest day of the year to date.  -37 with the windchill.   Not cold enough to end my running streak on Day 443, so I donned every layer of running gear that I own and headed out for an invigorating run.  I didn’t have any distance in mind.. just run until I got cold.  Never venturing further than 1 km from my home base, I ran around the streets in my neighborhood. It wasn’t bad unless I was running West.  The head wind was brutal but I was dressed for it. At around 6k I started to feel cold so headed straight home, ending my run at 6.5k.

I have seen many frosty selfies and I am envious of the thick coating of ice on everyone’s eyelashes.  No matter how cold it is, the frost just doesn’t seem to stick to my lashes.  With the brisk westerly wind causing my eyes to water, I could feel the frost forming on them and just knew that finally I would get the perfect frosty selfie.  I quickly snapped a selfie and couldn’t wait to get home to look at it.

Imagine my disappointment when I didn’t capture a picture of frosty eyelashes.  To my chagrin the only frost was on my…. mustache?!   I have a mustache!  And a double chin?? !  Why didn’t anyone tell me??


That was yesterday.  Today’s temperature was 11c. Yes. you read that right. PLUS 11! After yesterday’s frosty run, today I ran in shorts.  No frost on these eyebrows, eyelashes OR mustache today.




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