What a brilliant marketing initiative.  For anyone who had not been on social media in the last few days,  Bell pledged to donate 5 cents to Mental Health for every #BellLetsTalk hashtag on January 27.   This campaign has been going on for a few years and seems to be getting bigger every year.  This year over  $6,000,000 will be donated to Mental Health Initiatives in Canada.

And that is wonderful!  How generous!  And truly brilliant!  Bell can probably afford to make  a generous donation to any worthwhile cause.  But some marketing genius came up with the idea to take it Outside the Box and developed this #BellLetsTalk campaign.  The company probably invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote this marketing strategy. … (maybe even  millions… I don’t know what the going rate for Advertising is….)   And this is truly the Genius part… put the company name in a Hashtag and encourage people to tweet the hell out of it.

It’s win / win .  Bell gets good publicity. That’s okay because this is a marketing plan and they paid for it so they deserve to reap the benefits. .  Mental Health gets a nice financial boost.  ( specifically 6, 295,764.75 boosts) And the real winner here is the People.  By encouraging people to become involved on Social Media, Bell has made it possible for individuals to talk openly about their own mental health challenges.

On January 27 I realized that many of my friends have a variety of mental health issues and I didn’t even know.  One person admitted to being a suicide survivor and I had no idea.  I worked with the guy every day and didn’t have a clue that he was silently struggling. Kudos to Bell for providing a forum for people to talk openly about their challenges and victories. By encouraging people to  talk about the realities of living with a mental illness, Bell is helping to reduce the stigma that prevents people from seeking help.  #BellLetsTalk is definitely a step in the right direction.



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