BadAss or DumbAss… it’s a fine line

When I learned of today’s storm I was giddy with excitement.  Nothing is more BadAss than running in a snowstorm.  Being surrounded my nature’s fury is so exhilarating.  Howling winds, stinging snow.. bring it on!

Hubby dropped me off at work and I couldn’t wait to run home afterwards. I had brought winter running gear and changed as soon as my shift was over and headed out to play in the snow.

It is uphill to my house and by the time I was halfway up the first steep incline I knew that I was in trouble.  It was more slippery than I expected, and I didn’t pack my ice grippers.  So I took it slow and steady, taking short steps to keep my center of gravity directly over my feet.   The streets had been plowed but were snow packed and covered with fresh snow so you couldn’t see the slippery spots.  The best part of my route took me through a couple of parks with snow up to my knees.  It was so pretty and totally BadAss.

The weather was not as frightful as I expected but the underfoot conditions were pretty awful.  A direct route from work to home is 2.4k but I added  some extra mileage because.. well…. extra mileage…. and by the time I got to my street my Garmin was recording almost 4k. If you are going to run 4k, you might as well run 5k, right?    My street is in a quiet residential neighborhood and three times around the block is exactly 1k.   Traffic is  virtually non existent there  so usually  it is a good place to run.  Three quick trips around the block would give me the 5k I wanted.  The street had been plowed … sort of..  so why not?  Then I skidded. Not once but twice. I didn’t exactly slip as I never lost my balance but skidding is pretty close to a slip so I stopped the Garmin at 4.04k and walked the short distance home..  I was disappointed to cut the run short, but there is no point in being a DumbAss. 20160113_151718


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