Finally, some goals for 2016

New year, new me.  The year is 12 days old now and I had not firmly established my goals.  I thought about that a lot on my long run yesterday.  Do I even need goals?  The answer was yes, of course  I need goals. What will those goals be?   When I have questions like that, I often find the answers in a run and yesterday was no exception.  It took me 21k but this is what I decided.

For me a goal has to be measurable and achievable.  For certain one of my goals is to increase my running speed but that is very vague.  How will I know if I have reached my goal?    It is hard to measure something indefinite  like that.  Here are some concrete numbers that I came up with yesterday.

5k – 29:00

10k – 1:00:00

Half – 2:20:00

1k : 5:30

1 mile – 9:00

I have also been pondering distance goals for 2016.   After achieving 2015k in 2015 I knew I wanted to do something a little different but wasn’t sure just what.   The answer came to me at approximately kilometer 17 yesterday.  It is so simple.  Run 100 miles every month, with at least one run of 21k.   A Half Marathon distance for every month.  Why didn’t I think of that earlier?

It is written. It shall be done.


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