Ooops… I just ran 3k too far

With 26 days until the Hypothermic Half, training is going quite well.  Road conditions have been horrible but getting better. ( until the next snow storm! )

A friend is doing the Hypo Half too, and we try to train together.  The challenge is that she works Monday to Friday and I work most weekends.  Short runs aren’t a problem but the long ones can be difficult.  This week we were scheduled to do 18k.  I worked on Sunday and wasn’t looking forward to running that distance after being on my feet all day . Luckily my Dad came to my rescue and had a birthday so I went to his house for a birthday supper right after work and had to cancel my training run.  No problem.. my running partner did her 18k solo and I decided to do my 18k today (  Monday – my day off )

The weather forecast for today was not very promising… rain and / or high winds.  But I went to bed resolved to get up and  give it a try.  When woke up at 6 am it was pissing rain so I rolled over and stayed in bed.  If I am going to get soaked, I figured I would at least wait until daylight to get soaked.  The rain had stopped by the time I got up an hour later, and sunshine was breaking through when I started running at 8:30. Within ten minutes I had to take my jacket off and run in just my Tshirt and was wishing I had shorts. It was really that nice out!  And the streets were wet but free of snow and ice.

It was  great run with some brilliant moments.  At around the tenth kilometer I was starving so dashed into a grocery store for a banana.  Eureka!   Bananas are awesome fuel!  My legs wound themselves up and away I went.  It felt like I was flying.  At around the 16th kilometer I thought I should have more fuel so grabbed a bag of fruit snacks from my pocket.  I couldn’t get the damned bag open!  I actually had to slow to a walk and it took several minutes to open it. How dafuk do kids open these?? Anyway I finally got it open and fueled up.   At 17k I was feeling strong and debated whether to stop at 18 or keep going.     At the time it seemed like a good idea to go all the way.. it would only be an extra 3k to run the half marathon distance. So I turned left to give me more distance instead of the right turn which would take me home.

Then it started to get windy.  Really windy.  And my legs were tired.  And then I couldn’t feel my legs.  Or my feet. That wasn’t so bad but I knew that I would be feeling them later..!   But my mind was made up and I was going to finish.  The final two kilometers were 50% walk and 50% run but I got ‘er done.  And Strava thinks that I set a new record.  Lol.. my time today was about 15 minutes slower than my fastest but I didn’t have a Garmin then.

Post run stretches and an Epsom salt bath are awesome.  I am feeling fabulous sitting here in my pj’s listening to the wind howl outside.  The sky has turned eerily dark and is leaking big slushy drops of rain.  It is hard to believe how nice it was a couple of hours ago. And I am glad that my run is done.


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