2Toms Sport Shield for Her!


When I first received a sample of 2Toms Sport Shield for Her! I was concerned that I would not be able to give this product a fair review because I seldom chaff.  Many of my runner friends do, but I don’t.  I am not saying that I DON”T chaff… I am saying that I RARELY chaff.

Then I noticed that the bottle says “prevents chaffing and blisters” and I had an Eureka moment.  I rarely chaff and seldom blister but my heels and toes crack when they get wet.  Maybe.. just maybe .. this stuff might prevent that.

On December 24 I had the opportunity to put this to a test.  It was a rainy cold, miserable morning and there was an icy buildup on both sides of the sidewalk, causing unavoidable puddles. The route that I was on was busy with traffic so I couldn’t run on the street.   Normally I would simply change my route to a quieter street  but I didn’t want to do that because.. well… I wanted to make a Christmas tree on my Strava map.  I had chosen this route specifically for the angle of the streets.   So my only choice was to run through the slushy puddles.  They could not be avoided. tree

It was wet! It was refreshing.  It was exhilarating. It was cold!  I was soaked from head to toe.  But my feet didn’t crack even though they ran through slushy puddles for 22 minutes and 12 seconds.  I was suitably impressed.

Since then I apply Sport Shield for Her to my feet before every run, even on dry days.   I especially like the wipes to get an even application on the contours of the feet.

I am a Run Streaker so that means that I run every day, in all types of weather.  Winter running is especially cruel to feet but so far, so good. No cracks on these feet.


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