No bra, no shirt, no Garmin

Because I work so early in the morning, I often pack my lunch and prepare my clothes the night before.  My husband and I share a car so he usually drives me to work and I take a bag with  running gear so I can run the 2.4 km. home.

This morning I grabbed my lunch and clothes and went to work.  It was a typical chaotic day and I was looking forward to releasing some tension on the run home.  As soon as I swiped the time clock I was outta there, grabbed my bag and went to the ladies room to change clothes.  The first thing that I noticed when I opened my bag was that I forgot to pack my Garmin.  I have a slight addiction to my Garmin so was very disappointed but didn’t allow that to ruin my mood. . after all .. I have run this route dozens of times and it is a known distance.

As I stripped my work clothes off I realized that there was no sports bra in the bag.   Dammit!  Underwire bras are not my friend but I have run in one for short distances.   Then I realized that I have no shirt!  No bra, no shirt !  But I have 3 buffs!!  wtf was I thinking last night??

Lol.. I could have run home in my work uniform shirt ( I work in a grocery store) but in the below freezing temperatures I really should wear a moisture wicking shirt.  So.. I said f**k  it and walked home.  I had a sweater with me so I was warm enough ( but would have been too warm to run)  And.. it was a nice walk.   There were lots of people walking (with and without dogs) and I greeted everyone of them with a bright Hello.

It takes longer to walk home than to run home so I was pressed for time to get my run in before supper, but I managed a comfortable 4k.  It wasn’t fast and it wasn’t furious, but it was done.


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