Naughty, nice, or just plain silly?

What would you do if you got a facebook message from a stranger saying, “hey, Beautiful.”   My first instinct was to ignore it and then forget it forever.  But I thought that would be impolite so I sent back a quick message saying ” Thank you for making my day, but you have the wrong person. ”  End of story, right?  Two ships that pass in the night and all that crap.

But it didn’t end there.  Elliot Richards ( if that is his real name) responded by apologizing, but then he said that he really did think that I was beautiful.  Lol.. who doesn’t like to be flattered, eh?  Over the next few days we exchanged brief messages and I learned that he was 22 and from England.   He also drives a nice car.. don’t ask me what kind.. something expensive.   He seemed like a nice young man and I enjoyed chatting with him.  Our conversations were mostly pleasantries that two strangers exchange.. “how is your weather.?”  ” Did you have a nice day?”  ” I had pizza for lunch, what kind of pizza do you like.? ” etc

Then he asked me to talk naughty to him. What??  He is less than half my age and wants to talk naughty.?  And he wants nude pictures?  I was flattered.  I was confused.  I was paranoid. Is he for real? Is he really who he says he is and why me?  I asked him why he would want to see a naked old lady because  gravity is not kind.  His response was.. ” you are not old, you are middle aged, and besides your boobs are massive.”  Roflmao.  My boobs have never been accused of being massive before.

I have to give the kid credit for his persistence.   For days he kept sending messages. ” Are you there, hun?”  “Why aren’t you talking to me, babe.?    He asked me to give him what he wanted ” just once” so he could “get off” on my picture and then he would respect my wishes and leave me alone forever. I sent him brief messages saying thanks, but no thanks.  I  asked him how he came to target my profile. He said that I ‘liked’ a photo of one of his former friends but he couldn’t provide the name of the friend.  I kept ignoring him and he eventually stopped sending messages.

I still don’t know what his game was.  I have lectured my children about talking to strangers on the Internet and then I failed to heed my own warnings.  Was he really just some kid looking for a good time.?   That was about a year and a half ago so I guess I will never know.

Coincidentally around this time  ( like.. the very next day) I received a strange FB message from a coworker.   We don’t know each other very well, but I commented on one of his photos and then he send me a private message asking me if I wanted to “Talk Dirty”  What?  Am I suddenly some sort of magnet for Bad Boys?    Am I sending subliminal signals that I am a Naughty Girl? Signals so subliminal that I am not even aware that I am sending them???

These are  only two stories that I am going to share, but there are others.  I am surprised at some of the offers that I have received from people that I barely know.  I don’t go out looking for these people, they just seem to find me.

okay, okay. one more story to illustrate my point….. I connected with a old school friend via Facebook.   We are second cousins and were very good friends in school.  Then we grew up and she moved to Ontario and we lost touch with each other until we found each other on FB.  We exchanged messages, commented on each others posts and liked each others photos.  Her husband commented on some of the posts too and then he started messaging me in private.  We became FB friends and got to know each other slightly through private messages.  It was all innocent…until he asked me if we could get together for a ‘discreet encounter’ when they came to NB in a few weeks.  WTF??   And he wanted to exchange nude photos.  I don’t think so….!!!!

okay. One more and this is my last story. I promise.  Another fella who I knew only slightly,  was chatted with me via Facebook and we flirted outrageously.  We were both in committed relationships and it was clear that our friendship was nothing more than a friendship… until he send me a nude photo of himself and asked me to reciprocate.  Geez guys!  What is it with nude photos and talking dirty??  I will accept some blame for this incident as I may have sent messages that he may have misinterpreted and thought that I would be willing.

This whole thing has made me a little bit paranoid.  I am a nice girl and I do not knowingly encourage this type of solicitation, especially after receiving that nude photo.   I do have a naughty sense of humor but I do not flaunt it.  As the matter of fact, many of my acquaintances and coworkers would be shocked if I told a dirty joke, or said ‘Fuck.’   I do enjoy a double entendre, but recognize that it is often inappropriate to say in public.  So this is why I am puzzled when someone expects me to be a Bad Girl.  Is my naughtiness that apparent?

I don’t know if this happens to other people.  Maybe it is just me?  Maybe this is normal behavior and I am just naive?  I am no longer shocked by some of the propositions that I have received.  Instead I choose to be amused,  have a good chuckle or laugh out loud and then get on with my day.  We all have within us the power to be silly and fun, and I have concluded that this is how some people show their silly/fun side.

Me?  When I feel like being silly,  I go for a run in the rain and splash in puddles. Or build a snowman.







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