2016.. Ready or not, Here I come.

It is already 4 days into 2016 and I don’t have my goals firmly established .  The first 3 days of the year were on a weekend so that really doesn’t count.  But this is the first Monday of the new year so this is when it really starts.

Weight Loss :  I have been the same weight for over a year.  And that’ s good, right?  Three years ago I was 35 lbs heavier than I am right now so I am not whining.  I am glad that I am not where I was, but I am also not where I want to be so I need to do something about it.  Diet and exercise go hand in hand.   Running has made a big difference in my health, but I need to get back to eating clean and put more emphasis on cross training.

Running:  It always comes down to running, doesn’t it?  2015 was a huge year for me and I was able to meet some incredible goals.  Running every day, 2015k in 2015, and Run A Race Every Month. This year I want to run faster.  The thing is…. I don’t want to give up my running streak so I will have to figure out how to balance everything.

I have not set an official yearly distance target because I am still undecided.  I have thought about doing EXACTLY 100 miles every month, but I am not sure if I want to put a limit on it.  This goal is going to remain vague for now.  I have also thought about doing a minimum 5k a day but am concerned about injury.  Maybe I will have a more concrete goal outlined in a few weeks.

I do know for sure that I want to get faster in 2016. The only way to get faster is to run faster.  I have done my research and know about fartleks and intervals and sprints , hills, etc.  The next few days will be spent fine tuning my Run Faster Program.   Nutrition will play a big role here too.  When I fuel properly, I run better.  My goal is to be able to run 5k in 29 minutes. Right now my best time is 30:13.

Marathon:  I have been kicking this idea around for awhile now.  I love the Half Marathon distance but want to really challenge myself.  Everyone can run 21k, right?  But how many people are mentally tough enough to run 42k?  or physically fit enough?  I want to run this distance just to prove I can.   Fredericton or Bluenose?

Besides physical stuff like nutrition and fitness, there are other things that I can be doing to make a Better Me.  I need to start finding better balance between family and work and fitness.  I know which areas of my life need to be improved but am not ready to share them on paper yet.   Let’s just say that  my husband is a very patient man who adores me and tolerates more than he should.

Let’s begin this journey by getting off the damned computer and doing some housework.  Cheers!








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