Couch to 8k

What a crazy busy day at work. My feet and legs kept reminding me how tired they were, and how they were looking forward to being elevated after work.  I kept reminding them that we needed to go for a run sometime today and that earlier would be better than later.   They grudgingly agreed, especially after coming outside and realizing what a nice day it was.  But they did insist on coming home and resting for an hour first.

My living room has a strange phenomenon.  During winter months when the sun is shining  in the window, it directly impacts the gravitational pull of the couch.  As I was sitting comfortable on the couch with my laptop on my lap, I could feel the couch sucking me into it’s depths and my eyelids closing.  Before succumbing completely I managed to Tweet ” To Nap or to Run, both are very appealing right now. ”  Within seconds a running buddy replied ” Are you running.?  We can meet at our regular spot.” Groan!  There is nothing like a running buddy to keep you accountable.

A flurry of DM’s ensued, with us agreeing to meet in 20 minutes to run 8k. That meant that I would have to un-ass the couch and get the aforementioned ass in gear and get out the door.  My feelings were mixed.. I really wanted to nap but I really wanted to run too.  I was glad that she motivated me to get out there and get it done, but napping in sunshine is pretty nice too!

Twenty minutes later while we were  waiting for our Garmins to connect I declared today a No Hill day.  These legs refused to run up or down a hill today. We ran through a different ( flat ) neighborhood of new housing.  It is a great place to run with it’s wide streets and not much traffic.  I think we will do this route again. And did I mention that it is flat?

It was a nice run.  Her pace is a little faster than mine, so I have to push myself to keep up with her. By the last 2 km I felt like I was flying. And flying is better than napping.  Right? …..right?





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