From Fat to Fit.


It is my Brother’s fault.  And I don’t mean my Sibling. I am a member of  a Secret Brotherhood, in fact it is so secret that I should not even be writing about it.  It might be best if I don’t share any more details.  Don’t worry, this mysterious Brotherhood is not a cult.

The Brotherhood began in 2012 because ….. well, because of an event that happened.   A few good men got together to discuss the horrible event and they declared that something needed to be done so that this abuse would not continue.  Over several beer, they drafted a Declaration of the Brotherhood.  The original copy of the Declaration was penned on a napkin, and included 22 articles.  It is a brilliant piece of work but it lacks political correctness.  ( Did I mention that vast quantities of beer was consumed?)

The President confided the details of the Brotherhood to me a few days after it’s inception.  He gleefully told me about the tongue-in-cheek articles which excluded Ontarians, Umpires…. and Fat White Chicks!   Wait a minute…… fat white chicks??  I have been white since birth, and chubby for most of my adult life.  Fortunately I have a high tolerance level for Stupid Men Who Turn Into Shallow Pigs When They Drink Beer.  After applying slight pressure to the President, he contacted the other Founders who had also been facing unfriendly fire from their fat white friends.  That article has been quietly removed and many people do not know of it’s former existence.  It is ironic that a group was formed to combat abuse, and they ended up promoting another type of abuse.  But that is a story for another day.

I started to jokingly refer to myself as a Fat White Chick and it seemed like a good idea to use that at a Twitter Handle.  This was around the time that I started my journey to good health.  Through Twitter I met several people with similar interests, including one beautiful lady who is on a weight loss journey that covers a couple of hundred pounds.   A couple of hundred pounds!! Just think about that!  And she refuses to call herself Fat.  She says that she has Fat, but she is NOT Fat. What a wonderful attitude.   After much consideration I realized that I could not call myself a Fat White Chick anymore.  That is why I  changed my handle to Fit White Chick. It is a better representation of who I am and what I want to project to others.

It is funny how things happen.  My transformation to good health has always for Me  and I never planned to be a role model or a positive influence on anyone. Over the last several months I have seen people who changing their lives because of the change that they have seen in ME. It is very flattering to see people try to be like me.  And so rewarding when they share their success stories with me.

My Fat to Fit story is not over yet, and I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of it unfolds.



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