Wild Lights

When I first heard of the Wild Lights at the Magnetic Hill Zoo I was intrigued.   This new event features ‘ hundreds of thousands of holiday lights throughout the Zoo’s 40 acre park.”   Normally I prefer Christmas lights but figured I wanted to check out the Holiday Lights. It sounded magical.

First I needed to recruit a couple of children to take with me.  The grandkids were willing to indulge me by joining me in this adventure.   In a weak moment, Hubby even agreed to tag along.   We arrived at the Zoo at 4:15 which proved to be brilliant.  The first exhibits that we visited were the bears/reindeer/ cougars and other hardy outdoor animals.  We didn’t realize at the time that this part of the zoo closed at 5 pm.  G1 ( grandson #1) has been to the zoo several times so he proved to be an excellent tour guide.  This was the first time that I has seen the new bear enclosure and I was impressed with the freedom that the beers seemed to be enjoying in this natural environment.   G2 was most excited to see the ostriches, happily pointing to the “duckies.”  Hey, he is only 2. He has a lot to learn about zoology.

The lights were as magical as I expected. G1 did not share my enthusiasm as he was “hungry” and his “legs were tired.”  Thank goodness I had an emergency granola bar in my pocket, but I wish I had packed an emergency drink too.  G2 was just happy to be running/walking everywhere.   He did stop occasionally to declare a splendidly lit tree to be ” pretty.”  And he was especially interested in the water /mud puddles.  In my opinion there were far too many puddles.  Perhaps I will contact the organizers about that.

By the time it got completely dark it was very hard to keep an eye on both children.  Thank goodness that H1 ( Hubby #1) was with me.  The children wanted to play in the playground area but it was too dark. And quite frankly, the height of that play structure frightened me.

The monkeys were a big hit, even the ones that are technically not monkeys.  G1’s favorite animals at the zoo were the guinea pigs and the mice.  Seriously.. I take you to the zoo and your favorite animal is a guinea pig..?

Eventually G1  started to drag his butt as he was getting tired and bored and thirsty.  Then G2 suddenly dropped to the ground and refused to get up.   When I picked him up he said he was “hung-y”  so I carried him the short distance back to the car and  treated them both to McDonalds.  Holy Hannah!  That meal cost more than I have ever spent on a dinner for two for H1 and myself!

All in all, I am glad I went and I am glad that this event  is crossed off my bucket list. I am glad that I chose to go today because the weather is relatively mild.  I am glad that we went before sundown so we could enjoy the regular Non-Wild Lights exhibits.  I am glad that we were there after sunset to enjoy the brilliant displays of lights.  And I was glad to spend a few hours with the children.  And their parents were glad to go for a quiet dinner together.  A dinner that probably cost less than my meal at McDonalds.





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