To Pee or Not to Pee

I used to be able to go all day without peeing.  When travelling  I could drive all day without a potty break and would silently scoff at my travel mates who had to stop every two hours.

Then I became an adult and my body changed. And not in a good way.  I blame the kids because it is really their fault.  You can not grow three babies in your uterus ( not all at once, but on three separate occasions) and expect that there will not be some consequences.    The change was so gradual that I didn’t even notice it until a gynecologist asked me if I ever had any ‘leakage.”   Oh.. is that why you call it ?   It had become normal for me to change my panties a couple of times  a day.

Most days it is not so bad.  Kegal exercises and general overall stronger abs have improved things ‘down there.”   Most people measure their running success by how far they can go without stopping for a Walk Break.  I measure success by how far I can go without a Pee Break.   Thank goodness for porta potties!  I plan my training runs around bathroom location!

But sometimes you just gotta go.  Now!  After peeing my pants a couple of times ( by accident, of course) I have figured out when to ignore the urge and when to give in to the urge.  Sometimes just tilting the pelvis takes the pressure off.   lol. and sometimes it doesn’t.

 Peeing outdoors  can be tricky if you are a lady.  Our lady bits are not designed for quick and easy  bladder elimination. We can’t just pull out an appendage and do our business.  We need to bare our assets to get the job done.   Here are a few handy tips to keep in mind.

  1.  Find something to hide behind.  Tall grass works well.  Trees are trickier.
  2. Fallen trees are better than standing trees.
  3. Practice low Squats while cross training.
  4. Don’t lean against trees ( standing or fallen) .  Loose bark sticks to damp sweaty skin.
  5. It is hard to be discreet when wearing bright pink running gear.
  6. Keep in mind when going behind a tree that it is actually the front of the tree from a different angle.
  7. Don’t waste time if it is below -20.  Get those pants pulled up quickly.
  8. If wearing layers, pull down ALL the layers.
  9. Porta potties rock back and forth when placed on uneven frozen ground, so don’t be too enthusiastic about pulling up your pants quickly.
  10. Porta potties will sink in soft mud when you put your body weight inside. Check to make sure there is lots of clearance so the door does not get stuck.
  11. Carry your phone in case you get stuck in a porta potty.
  12. There are products available for female incontinence and they do what they are designed to do. Never run a Half Marathon without them.




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