Just sitting here Spinning

I hadn’t planned to Spin.  I hate stationary bicycles.  The seats are uncomfortable and it is just.. well.. boring.  It is my grandson’s fault.   He is enrolled in the Jump! program at GoodLife Fitness. Tuesdays are my regular days off and Grayson spends the morning at my house so his Dad can sleep. ( he works evening shift.  Dad, not Grayson. )  Jump! hours are only until noon, and the only class available during this time is RPM (aka Spinning.)  My options were to:

  •  not go to the gym.  
  •  go to the gym and do solo workout
  • RPM

After some careful consideration RPM seemed to be my best option. I had heard that Spinning is excellent cross training for Runners because you are giving your body a break from high impact training.    I had heard that it burns a gazillion calories.  I had heard that it can reduce the risk of injuries in runners because you are developing different ( weaker) muscles.  I had heard that there is a correlation between pedal stroke cadence and running strike cadence. I had heard that Spinning builds stronger legs which results in better running and makes you faster and stronger.   I have heard it all but still was reluctant because it is Boring!   And the seats hurt !  Thanks goodness fate intervened and I started Spinning.

Guess what?  It is not Boring.  The music is upbeat and the instructor is so enthusiastic and makes you want to pedal harder and faster.  Spinning focuses  on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery. It makes you sweat.  It makes you dig deep and push yourself harder when you don’t have anything left to give.  Deja vu!  It sounds like running!  And I love it!

oh.. and the seats ain’t so bad either.



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