So many races, so little $$$

This inexpensive sport is costing me a lot of money!  I don’t dare calculate how much cash I have invested in racing events, running gear, etc this year.  But it is a lot!

The 2016 race season looms large. Well, not so large. But the early bird pricing looms large.   And I can’t resist an Early Bird. With 43 days remaining in 2015 I have already signed up for 6 events in 2016.  Beginning on January 1 with the Resolution Run,  then the Hypothermic Half in February, Lorneville Loop in April, Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women and Hopewell Rocks 8k in May, and finally Mudd Sweat and Tears in August.  And my credit card is not finished yet.  I will do a Full Marathon in 2016, but have not decided when or where.  And of course I need to repeat my Half Marathon in PEI and conclude the season with Legs for Literacy.

I need a second job. Or a sugar daddy. Or a lottery win.  Why can’t my addiction be something less expensive?  Like cigarettes? or beer?


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