Howdy Neighbor

So I went for  walk/run with my hubby tonight. Well,, he walked and I ran.    We begin by walking together and then I run ahead before reversing my route and meeting up with him for my cool down walk.  Our marriage is built on compromises.  I do My thing, he does His thing, and sometimes we do Our thing.  Hey, it works for us.

During my  cool down walk Hubby and I stopped often to talk to neighbors that were out walking.  It was interesting to note that Hubby knows the names of all the dogs in the neighborhood.  When I run I always give a cheerful wave to the people that I meet along the way.  But I don’t know them nor do I know their dog’s names.  It was nice to chat with Sebastian’s owner, a lovely senior lady who lives on the corner.   She lives alone and I see her walking her shaggy white dog several times a day.  Apparently she even walks with Hubby occasionally.   They certainly seem to be aware of what is going on in the neighborhood.  Maybe I should slow down once in awhile and say hello to my neighbors.  Life is not a race to get through as quickly as you can.


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